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Actes du Congrès de l’ACL 2021 2021 CLA conference proceedings

Les articles publiés dans ces actes ont été présentés lors du congrès annuel de l’Association canadienne de linguistique qui s’est tenu en ligne, du 4 au 7 juin 2021. Certaines des communications présentées n’ont pas été soumises par les auteures et les auteurs.

Rédaction : Angelica Hernández & Chris Plyley

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Les droits d’auteur demeurent la propriété des auteures et des auteurs.

ISSN 0027-9633

The papers in these proceedings were presented at the annual conference of the Canadian Linguistic Association held online from June 4 to 7, 2021. Not all papers given at the conference were submitted.

Editors: Angelica Hernández & Chris Plyley

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Copyrights remain with the authors.

ISSN 0027-9633

Table des matières Table of Contents

  1. Centering Indigenous students and their perspectives in linguistics course design Kathleen Anderson & Heather Bliss
  2. Acoustics of Persian uvular lenition in consonant clusters Koorosh Ariyaee & Alexei Kochetov
  3. Garo gemination: A case of faithfulness producing non-moraic geminates Cheman Baira A’gitok
  4. Degree-based comparatives in Ktunaxa Anne Bertrand in collaboration with The Ɂaq̓̓am Language Authority
  5. Morphological upstaging and markedness Bronwyn M. Bjorkman, Elizabeth Cowper, Daniel Currie Hall, Jennice Hinds, Louise Koren & Dan Siddiqi
  6. Features and forms in L2 Spanish verbal inflection María Cristina Cuervo, Samuel Jambrović & Ohanna Severo
  7. FOM and friends: Respellings, enregisterment, and variable pre-nasal /æ/ in multicultural Toronto English Vidhya Elango & Derek Denis
  8. Double aspect des nominalisations du français obtenues par conversion Omar Gamboa Gonzalez
  9. Courriel ou email : perception des anglicismes et des propositions de l’OQLF par des locuteurs québécois Gabrielle Girard, Vincent Pouliot & Félix Duval
  10. Regularly inflected forms can be prosodically ambiguous in English Heather Goad & Natália Brambatti Guzzo
  11. Ezafe in the context of CPS in Persian and Kurmanji Songül Gündoğdu, Arsalan Kahnemuyipour & Marcel den Dikken
  12. DOM co-occurrence restrictions in Romance: Beyond clitic clusters Monica Alexandrina Irimia
  13. The nature of a predicate: The case of depictives Monica Alexandrina Irimia & Tova Rapoport
  14. Comparing locative and existential small clauses in Spanish Andrea Levinstein Rodriguez
  15. Voice onset time in Winnipeg: A comparison of Filipino and traditional Winnipeggers Lanlan Li
  16. Phonetic training of L2 Spanish /u/ Andrew McCandless
  17. The epenthetic vowels in Persian loanwords: The difference between monolinguals and bilinguals Mahyar Nakhaei
  18. Double perfects in Swiss German Sander Nederveen
  19. Chrump’s on Chwitter? A fresh look at posteriorization in English BrettC Nelson & Darin Flynn
  20. The dance of conversation: Gender and language in metaphors for West Coast Swing partnership Brittney O’Neill
  21. Crossed control as voice restructuring Ileana Paul, Lisa Travis, Jozina Vander Klok & Susi Wurmbrand
  22. Consonants, vowels, and lexical representations: Evidence from auditory lexical decision Scott James Perry, Gabriela Holko, Matthew C. Kelley & Benjamin V. Tucker
  23. Grammar constrains the way we talk to ourselves Elizabeth Ritter & Martina Wiltschko
  24. Attitudes towards gender-inclusive Spanish tweets Katie Slemp
  25. Argument mapping in Mi’kmaw Arlene Stevens
  26. You were really good for first time in English: Raciolingiustic discourse, accommodation, and gatekeeping surrounding Harnayaran Singh’s English Canadian NHL broadcasts Dakota Wing & Ana-Maria Jerca
  27. Contrastive hierarchy analysis of the Mandarin vowel system Junyu Wu
  28. Individuation and differential object marking Aya Zarka

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