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Actes du Congrès de l’ACL 2010 2010 CLA conference proceedings

Les articles publiés dans ces actes ont été présentés lors du congrès annuel de l’Association canadienne de linguistique qui s’est tenu à l’Université Concordia, en Montréal, du 29 mai au 31 mai 2010. Certaines des communications présentées n’ont pas été soumises par les auteures et les auteurs.

Rédactrice : Melinda Heijl

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Les droits d’auteur demeurent la propriété des auteures et des auteurs.

ISSN 0027-9633

The papers in these proceedings were presented at the annual conference of the Canadian Linguistic Association held at Concordia University, in Montreal, from May 29 to May 31, 2010. Not all papers given at the conference were submitted.

Editor: Melinda Heijl

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Copyrights remain with the authors.

ISSN 0027-9633

Table des matières Table of Contents

  1. The licensing of structural case in Standard Arabic Rashid Al-Balushi
  2. Usages multiples du cas instrumental en ukrainien Rostyslav Bilous
  3. Attentional weighting of Polish and Taiwanese Mandarin sibilant perception Chenhao Chiu
  4. Using synchronic microvariation to understand pathways of change: Subject clitic doubling in Romance dialects Ailis Cournane
  5. Where auxiliary verbs come from Elizabeth Cowper
  6. Structures for possession in Upper Sorbian and Czech Elizabeth Cowper & Daniel Currie Hall
  7. The acquisition of double que questions in heritage and L2 Spanish Alejandro Cuza & Joshua Frank
  8. Processing quantifier scope Veena D. Dwivedi, Matthew Goldhawk & Patrick Wood
  9. The topology of distributivity and epistemic containment phenomena Michaël Gagnon & Alexis Wellwood
  10. On the number system and the count/mass distinction in Turkish Emrah Görgülü
  11. High vowel contrasts among bilingual children learning English and French Brenna Haimes Kusumoto
  12. On the realization of contrastive labial place Daniel Currie Hall
  13. Long-distance voicing assimilation in Berber: Spreading and/or agreement? Gunnar Ólafur Hansson
  14. Prosody and pragmatics of wh-interrogatives Nancy Hedberg, Juan M. Sosa, Emrah Görgülü & Morgan Mameni
  15. The semantics and prosody of post-nominal focus particles Jonathan Howell
  16. Hungarian vowel harmony meets OT John T. Jensen & Margaret Stong-Jensen
  17. Est-ce une conjonction de coordination au début? Mikalai Kliashchuk
  18. Sibilant harmony: Investigating the connection between typology and learnability Loredana Andreea Kosa
  19. What Greek DETs do: The restrictive DP Maria Kyriakaki
  20. Le focus, le contraste et l’exhaustivité en russe Denis Liakin
  21. Indicatives, interogatives, and in-between Morgan Mameni
  22. Difficult contrasts, native dialect, and experience in non-native perception Irina Marinescu
  23. Bare singulars in Persian Fereshteh Modarresi
  24. Diachrony and synchrony of /l/ gemination in Québec French Annick Morin
  25. A puzzle for the syntax-semantics of depictives Alexandra Motut
  26. What exactly does outer aspect encode? Larissa Nossalik
  27. Same, other, and different: A first look at the microsyntax of identity adjectives Will Oxford
  28. Aspectual microvariation: The case of Slavic imperfectives María Luisa Rivero & Ana Arregui
  29. L’omission wh: Théorie et acquisition Yves Roberge & Nelleke Strik
  30. On Persian epenthesis in suffixation: An experimental study Elham Rohany Rahbar
  31. Morphology and word recognition: An ERP approach Phaedra Royle, John E. Drury, Nicolas Bourguignon & Karsten Steinhauer
  32. Disappearance of Old French juxtaposition genitive and case: A corpus study Alexandra Simonenko
  33. Deconstructing a conspiracy in Icelandic Margaret Stong-Jensen
  34. Lexical vs. functional predicates in Japanese and their agreement domains Mina Sugimura
  35. Re-examining cross-linguistic influence in the bilingual acquisition of wh-questions Lyn Tieu
  36. Siamou future expressions Carmela Toews
  37. Prolifération de comme dans la grammaire des enfants en milieu francophone minoritaire Egor Tsedryk
  38. The so-called Chinese VV compounds – A continuum between lexicon and syntax Hui Yin

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