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Actes du Congrès de l’ACL 2006 2006 CLA conference proceedings

Les articles publiés dans ces actes ont été présentés lors du congrès annuel de l’Association canadienne de linguistique qui s’est tenu à l’Université York, du 27 mai au 30 mai 2006. Certaines des communications présentées n’ont pas été soumises par les auteures et les auteurs.

Rédactrices : Claire Gurski & Milica Radišić

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Les droits d’auteur demeurent la propriété des auteures et des auteurs.

ISSN 0027-9633

The papers in these proceedings were presented at the annual conference of the Canadian Linguistic Association held at York University from May 27 to May 30, 2006. Not all papers given at the conference were submitted.

Editors: Claire Gurski & Milica Radišić

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Copyrights remain with the authors.

ISSN 0027-9633

Table des matières Table of Contents

  1. Much-Support and Unpronounced Much Antonia Androutsopoulou and Manuel Español-Echevarría
  2. Accomplishment VPs: Construction of Telicity. A Case Study of Lithuanian Solveiga Armoškaitė
  3. On the Role of the Perfect in Would-Conditionals Ana Arregui
  4. The Acquisition of Correlates of Unaccusativity in L2 French Patricia Balcom
  5. Sociolinguistic Competences in the Use of Colombian Pronouns of Address Patricia Bayona
  6. On the Status of Proper Names in the Grammar Heather Burnett
  7. Acoustic Correlates of St’át’imcets /i/ Marion Caldecott
  8. The Micro-Structure of a Learning Problem: Prosodic Prominence, Attention, Segmentation and Word Learning in a Second Language S.E. Carroll
  9. Movement at PF: Evidence From Chinese Relativization Chiu-Hung Chen
  10. Interactions Between Syllabic-Level Prosody and Prosodic-Group Boundary Markers in Cantonese Ivan Chow
  11. Stative Potential Verbs? Bare Roots in Japanese Sarah Clarke
  12. The Integration of Words of English Origin in Baie Sainte-Marie Acadian French Philip Comeau
  13. Northern East Cree Accent Carrie Dyck, Julie Brittain, Marguerite MacKenzie
  14. Les phrases applicatives et la possession dans la structure verbale David H. Fournier
  15. L’inversion du sujet en kinyarwanda Ntwari Gérard
  16. Reduplication in Persian: A Morphological Doubling Approach Saeed Ghaniabadi, Jila Ghomeshi, Nima Sadat-Tehrani
  17. On the Nature of Circumstantial Ad-Verbials Monica-Alexandrina Irimia
  18. Prespecification and Lexical Exceptions John T. Jensen & Margaret Stong-Jensen
  19. Posture Verbs in Icelandic Kristín M. Jóhannsdóttir
  20. When Wh-Movement Isn’t Wh-Movement Arsalan Kahnemuyipour
  21. Declassifying Turkish Pre-Stressing Suffixes Arsalan Kahnemuyipour and Jaklin Kornfilt
  22. Verbal Morphology of Japanese Michiya Kawai
  23. Verbal Morphemes in the Same Syntactic Context With Different Morphosyntactic Features Kyumin Kim
  24. Post Obstruent Tensification in Korean Sunghwa Lee
  25. Predictable Stress in SENĆOŦEN Janet Leonard
  26. Sur les questions multiples en russe, en yiddish et en polonais Denis Liakin et Walcir Cardoso
  27. Tongan Personal Pronouns Catherine Macdonald
  28. Niuean Determiners: Everywhere and Nowhere Diane Massam, Colin Gorrie & Alexandra Kellner
  29. Impersonal Constructions in Old French and the Agreement Puzzle Éric Mathieu
  30. L’ancien français du XIIIe siècle est-il une langue pro-drop? Étude de corpus Frédérique Offredi
  31. Really Intriguing, That Pred NP Ileana Paul and Robert Stainton
  32. Variable Input and Object Drop in Child Language Ana T. Pérez-Leroux, Mihaela Pirvulescu, Yves Roberge, Danielle Thomas & Lyn Tieu
  33. Inuktitut Restructuring Affixes Christine M. Pittman
  34. Broken Forms in Morphology Amanda Pounder
  35. Subject Raising and Obligatory Subject Control in Serbian Milica Radišić
  36. Clitic Doubling Among Spanish-Nahuatl Bilingual Children Alma P. Ramírez-Trujillo
  37. Arguments Indirects Et Modes D’association Yves Roberge et Michelle Troberg
  38. Influences grammaticales et non grammaticales dans les productions enfantines Yvan Rose
  39. La question sarcastique en français québécois Marie-Claude Séguin
  40. Two Incompatible Grammars Define Second Position in Serbo-Croatian Vanessa Shokeir
  42. Attention in the Inference of Definite Reference James M. Stevens
  43. On the Processing of Novel Root+Suffix Combinations Laura Teddiman
  44. The BA Construction and Event Structure Jun Tian
  45. The Interaction Between Restructuring and Causative Morphology in Japanese Naoko Tomioka
  46. The Nominative Island Condition Is a False Generalization Tohru Uchiumi
  47. Cues, Opacity and the Puzzle-Puddle-Pickle Problem Teresa Vanderweide
  48. The Role of Processing Strategies in Chinese Hui Yin

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