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Actes du Congrès de l’ACL 2004 2004 CLA conference proceedings

Les articles publiés dans ces actes ont été présentés lors du congrès annuel de l’Association canadienne de linguistique qui s’est tenu à l'Université du Manitoba, du 29 au 31 mai 2004. Certaines des communications présentées n’ont pas été soumises par les auteures et les auteurs.

Rédaction : Marie-Odile Junker, Martha McGinnis & Yves Roberge

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Les droits d’auteur demeurent la propriété des auteures et des auteurs.

ISSN 0027-9633

The papers in these proceedings were presented at the annual conference of the Canadian Linguistic Association held at the University of Manitoba from May 29 to May 31, 2004. Not all papers given at the conference were submitted.

Editors: Marie-Odile Junker, Martha McGinnis & Yves Roberge

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Copyrights remain with the authors.

ISSN 0027-9633

Table des matières Table of Contents

  1. Constructing Dual Number in Hopi Heather Bliss
  2. Extraction Marking vs. Scope-Marking in Nêhiyawêwin and Yorùbá Clare Cook
  3. The Pieces of π Elizabeth Cowper & Daniel Currie Hall
  4. Comprehension and Production of Syntax in High-Functioning Individuals With Down Syndrome Alice Eriks-Brophy, Helen Goodluck & Danijela Stojanovic
  5. Canadian Eh?: A Survey of Contemporary Use Elaine Gold
  6. Genitive-Relative Constructions in Polynesian Jonathon Herd, Catherine Macdonald & Diane Massam
  7. Null Complements: Licensed by Syntax or by Semantics-Pragmatics? Corinne Iten, Marie-Odile Junker, Aryn Pyke, Robert Stainton & Catherine Wearing
  8. German Prenominal Modifiers Karsten A. Koch
  9. [-Back] Assimilation in Balto-Slavic and the Nature of Phonotactic Constraints Alexei Kochetov
  10. Three Kinds of Nominals in Nêhiyawêwin Jeff Muehlbauer
  11. Locative Alternation in Slavic: The Role of Prefixes Olesya Olbishevska
  12. Modes of Judgment and the Concrete and Imaginative Readings of Perception Verbs Anne Rochette & Patricia de Araujo Rodrigues
  13. Indifference Ke-Construction in Modern Conversational Persian Nima Sadat-Tehrani
  14. Animacy: The Overlooked Feature of Persian Anousha Sedighi
  15. Two Subtypes of So-Called Possessed Picture-NPs Tohru Uchiumi
  16. The Direction of AP Attachment in Romanian DPs Mona Luiza Ungureanu
  17. Grammaticalization of Mandarin Transfer Verbs Gei and Bei as Passive Markers Hui Yin

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