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Actes du Congrès de l’ACL 2002 2002 CLA conference proceedings

Les articles publiés dans ces actes ont été présentés lors du congrès annuel de l’Association canadienne de linguistique qui s’est tenu à l'Université de Toronto, du 25 mai au 28 mai 2002. Certaines des communications présentées n’ont pas été soumises par les auteures et les auteurs.

Rédactrices : Sophie Burelle & Stanca Somesfalean

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Les droits d’auteur demeurent la propriété des auteures et des auteurs.

ISSN 0027-9633

The papers in these proceedings were presented at the annual conference of the Canadian Linguistic Association held at the University of Toronto from May 25 to May 28, 2002. Not all papers given at the conference were submitted.

Editors: Sophie Burelle & Stanca Somesfalean

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Copyrights remain with the authors.

ISSN 0027-9633

Table des matières Table of Contents

  1. Derived reflexives in Romance: The case of se Gabriela Alboiu, Mike Barrie & Chiara Frigeni
  2. A derivational relationship: The subjunctive-infinitive alternation in French Suzanne Bélanger
  3. Empty nuclei in Haitian Creole Parth Bhatt & Emmanuel Nikiema
  4. French and Spanish se: Underspecified, not reflexive Joyce Bruhn de Garavito, David Heap & Jacques Lamarche
  5. The syntactic manifestation of nominal feature geometry Elizabeth Cowper & Daniel Currie Hall
  6. Passé composé vs. present perfect Sarah Cummins
  7. Determining contrastiveness: A missing chapter in the history of phonology B. Elan Dresher
  8. Adjacency and lowering in morphology: The case of English sentential negation Elissa Flagg
  9. English Shmenglish: Yiddish borrowings into Canadian English Elaine Gold
  10. On the argument structure of primary complements Nancy Hedberg & Richard C. DeArmond
  11. Two cases of disagreement in Russian: Contrastive imperatives and root infinitives Edit Jakab
  12. La grammaire des relations : Constructions possessives et obviation en cri de l’Est Marie-Odile Junker
  13. Inversely ordered DPs in Niuean Arsalan Kahnemuyipour & Diane Massam
  14. Tough subjects are thematic Michiya Kawai
  15. Syllable positions as distinct articulatory patterns: Evidence from Russian Alexei Kochetov
  16. Raising and controlling ambiguities Jacques Lamarche
  17. Deux périphéries — Deux positions pour les DPs focalisés Denis Liakin
  18. Lone English-origin nouns in Arabic: Codeswitches or borrowings? Eiman Mustafawi
  19. When is zero more than one? Bare German plurals in bilingual discourse Karin Nault
  20. Syntactic features and discourse factors in children’s interpretation of definite determiners in inalienable possessions Ana T. Pérez-Leroux, Cristina Schmitt & Alan Munn
  21. Formaliser les contraintes pragmatiques : L’exemple d’une particule du macédonien Alexandre Sévigny
  22. On the interaction between end-weight and end-focus Kayono Shiobara
  23. Why you can eat up an apple but not consume up an apple Rebecca Smollett
  24. Phonetics, gender, and sexual orientation Ron Smyth & Henry Rogers
  25. I shave just like man: Intrinsic and extrinsic reflexive constructions in child English Danijela Stojanovic
  26. Defining the word in Nuuchahnulth John Stonham & Winnie S.M. Yiu
  27. Partitivity and prefixation in Slavic verbal predicates Marina Todorova
  28. The present perfect in Early African American correspondence Gerard Van Herk
  29. We labors under a great deal of disadvantiges: Verbal -s in Early African American English James A. Walker & Gerard Van Herk

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