Nov 142017

The Department of Linguistics at the University of Ottawa invites applications for its MA and PhD programs for the 2018-2019 academic year.

The application deadline is January 15th 2018, but late applications will be considered depending on space remaining available in the programs. For more details on the application procedure, please follow the links below:

The Linguistics Department at the University of Ottawa offers a dynamic and supportive environment with faculty expertise across a wide range of areas, with interests including:

  • Ana Arregui (formal semantics, modality, situation semantics)
  • Marc Brunelle (phonology, phonetics, language contact, Southeast Asian linguistics, tone, prosody)
  • Stephen Levey (urban dialectology, sociohistorical linguistics, first language acquisition from a variationist perspective, language contact)
  • Éric Mathieu (syntax, French linguistics, Algonquian linguistics)
  • Kevin McMullin (theoretical phonology, experimental phonology, consonant harmony and dissimilation, formal models of learnability, artificial language learning)
  • Dennis Ott (syntax, Germanic linguistics, philosophy of language)
  • Shana Poplack (linguistic variation and change, language contact and bilingualism, Romance linguistics, Canadian French and English)
  • Laura Sabourin (psycholinguistics, L1 and L2 language processing, bilingualism, mental lexicon, ERP research)
  • Andrés Salanova (descriptive linguistics, lowland South American indigenous languages, morphology, syntax)
  • Tania Zamuner (first language acquisition, psycholinguistics, speech perception and production, eye tracking)

We have state of the art laboratories as well as numerous working groups and reading groups (e.g. first language acquisition, ERP, sociolinguistics, phonetics, syntax-semantics). In addition, the Living Lab will be inaugurated at the Canada Science and Technology Museum later this year.

We offer competitive funding for both the MA and PhD programs. Graduate courses are taught in English but in accordance with the policies at the University of Ottawa, students are allowed to submit coursework in either English or French.

You will find further information about programs, faculty, research and labs on our website: as well as information about Department life on our Facebook page:

Please do not hesitate to contact our professors for inquiries about their specific research interests, or Ana Arregui ( for general questions about the programs.