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L’Association canadienne de linguistique tiendra son congrès de 2018 lors du Congrès des sciences humaines à l’Université de Regina, du mercredi 30 mai au vendredi 1er juin 2018.

The Canadian Linguistic Association will hold its 2018 conference as part of the Congress of the Humanities and Social Sciences at the University of Regina, from Wednesday, May 30, to Friday, June 1, 2018.


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Mercredi le 30 mai | Wednesday, May 30
8:30 9:00

déjeuner | breakfast

Morphosyntaxe | Morphosyntax

Phonologie | Phonology

Sémantique | Semantics

9:00 9:30

Arsalan Kahnemuyipour & Mansour Shabani (Toronto and Guilan)

Resumption in Gilaki possessor split

Gladstone Deklu (MUN)

Obligatory contour principle in Ewe tonal phonology

Maida Percival (Toronto)

Degree constructions and directed scale segments in Eastern Oromo

9:30 10:00

Jean-François Juneau (Toronto)

On the mi-/mo- preverbs in ditransitive Georgian verbs

Michael Dow (Montreal)

A corpus study of phonological factors in novel English blends

Alexis Wellwood (USC)

Natural language metaphysics revisited

10:00 10:30

Adriana Soto-Corominas, Scott James Perry & David Heap (Western)

We see me presenting an OT account of partially co-referential clitics

Daniel Currie Hall (St. Mary’s)

The representation of phonological contrast in Uyghur vowel harmony

Suzi Lima & Adriana Leitão Martins (Toronto/Federal University of Rio de Janeiro)

Aspectual information impacts the countability of deverbal nouns in Brazilian Portuguese

10:30 10:45

pause | break

Syntaxe | Syntax

Sémantique/Pragmatique | Semantics/Pragmatics

Sociolinguistique | Sociolinguistics

10:45 11:15

Khokha Fahloune (UQAM)

Redoublement de clitique ou accord : retour sur les marqueurs sujet et objet en kabyle

Donna Gerdts, Zachary Gilkison & Nancy Hedberg (Simon Fraser)

Determiners, deixis, and discourse in Hul’q’umi’num’ Salish

Achille Fossi (York)

Du bilinguisme officiel au conflit linguistique : perceptions croisées des jeunes

11:15 11:45

Richard Compton (UQAM)

Inuit φ-markers as the exponence of agree: Evidence from granularity, default forms

Angelika Kiss (Toronto)

Attributing illocutionary acts in Spanish by the tag question ¿no?

Ghalia Kebbas (Laval)

Alternance de langues : de la croisée des langues à la compétence sociolinguistique !

11:45 1:00

dîner | lunch

Session des affiches | Poster session
FNFNUC Multi-purpose room
1:00 3:45
3:45 4:00

pause | break

4:00 6:00

Assemblée générale | Annual general meeting
FNFNUC Multi-purpose room

Jeudi le 31 mai | Thursday, May 31
8:30 9:00

déjeuner | breakfast

Syntaxe | Syntax

Phonétique | Phonetics

Acquisition de langue seconde | Second language acquisition

9:00 9:30

John Lyon (Victoria)

Syntactic evidence for a tensed, null equative copula in Okanagan

Jeffrey Lamontagne, Heather Goad & Morgan Sonderegger (McGill)

Prominence assignment and word-level properties in Quebec French

Abigail McMeekin (Lethbridge)

L1–L2 speaker interaction in a study abroad setting: Communication strategies, word searches, and intersubjectivity

9:30 10:00

Susana Béjar &Arsalan Kahnemuyipour (Toronto)

When intensional subjects control agreement

Yoichi Mukai, Benjamin V. Tucker & Juhani Järvikivi (Alberta)

The effect of phonological–orthographic consistency on the processing of reduced and citation forms of Japanese words: Evidence from pupillometry

Mahyar Nakhaei (Calgary)

The L1 effect on L2 pronoun resolution: The case of Persian-speaking EFL learners

10:00 10:30

Bettina Spreng (Saskatchewan)

Finiteness, tense, and feature inheritance in Inuktitut

10:30 10:45

pause | break

Sémantique | Semantics

Changement linguistique | Linguistic change

Prosodie | Prosody

10:45 11:15

Julie Goncharov & Monica Irimia (Hebrew University of Jerusalem; University of Modena and Reggio Emilia)

The imperfect puzzle

Kevin Russell (Manitoba)

I just… I think there might be a new construction

Anne Bertrand & Michael Rochemont (UBC)

Focusing subjects in Québec French

11:15 11:45

Bronwyn M. Bjorkman (Queen’s)

Pronominal tense and anaphora: Evidence from sequence of tense

Christina Terpstra (Calgary)

Language-internal and -external factors conditioning a grammatical change in the Early Modern Dutch verb ZIJN ‘be’ paradigm

Claudine Cardinal, Ophélie Gauthier-Barrette, Audrey Lefebvre & Alexis-James Gaudreau (UQAM)

Variation prosodique et débats politiques : le maintien du tour de parole

11:45 2:00

dîner | lunch

12:15 1:45

Acknowledging Indigenous knowledge and previous research in grammars of Indigenous languages

Syntaxe | Syntax



2:00 2:30

Iuliia Rezvukhina (Manitoba)

Russian adverbs, universal hierarchy and relativised minimality

Ashrafiqin Ahmad (Laval)

L’acquisition de la maximalité des constructions nominales définies au pluriel en français langue maternelle

Thanh Hai Tran (Manitoba)

General extender use in Southern Manitoban and Filipino-Winnipegger speech

2:30 3:00

Neil Banerjee (MIT)

Fishing for CARP in Kinyarwanda

Lindsay Hracs (Calgary)

A corpus study of only in child-directed and child-produced speech

Basile Roussel (Ottawa)

Pouvez-vous répéter la question ? Une étude variationniste des interrogatives totales en français acadien

3:00 3:30

Jacques Lamarche (Western)

Phrase structure without head features

Camille Vidou, Jade Picard-Lauzon, Vanessa Moisoni, Paméla Trudeau-Fisette, Lucile Rapin & Lucie Ménard (UQAM)

Étude des caractéristiques perceptives de l’accent d’emphase produit par des enfants atteints d’un trouble du spectre de l’autisme

Laura Kastronic, Stephen Levey & Mélissa Chiasson-Léger (Toronto and Ottawa)

Sisters under the skin?: Discourse-pragmatic variation and change in three varieties of French

3:30 3:45

pause | break

3:45 5:15

Communication plénière | Plenary talk
Luther CollegeLuther College — Rex Schneider Auditorium

5:00 7:00

Réception de la rectrice | President’s reception
Centre for Kinesiology (CK)CK 122

Vendredi le 1 juin | Friday, June 1
8:30 9:00

déjeuner | breakfast

Morphologie | Morphology

Langues en contact | Languages in contact

9:00 9:30

Gavin Bembridge (York)

The morphology of non-canonical imperfect subjunctives in Spanish

Veronika Makarova & Natalia Terekhova (Saskatchewan)

Russian grammar acquisition by bilingual/multilingual children in Canada and monolingual children in Russia

9:30 10:00

Jila Ghomeshi & Tasheney Francis Holness (Manitoba)

Additive and associative plural marking in Jamiekan

Scott Perry (Western)

Phonological vowel reduction in Central Catalan: Effects of language dominance in Catalan–Spanish bilingual children

10:00 10:30

Johnnatan Nascimento (UQAM)

The beginning of transformation: A nanosyntactic account for parasynthetic verbs in Brazilian Portuguese

Anwar Alkhudidi & Yasaman Rafat (Western)

Phonological attrition in Arabic-English-speaking bilinguals living in Canada

10:30 11:00

Olga Kharytonava (Western)

Lexical integrity: Suspended affixation in Turkish nominals

Grace Gomashie (Western)

Describing motion events in Spanish and English in child bilingual narratives

11:00 11:15

pause | break



11:15 11:45

Susana Béjar, Diane Massam, Ana Teresa Pérez-Leroux & Yves Roberge (Toronto)

Syntactic recursion: Theory and acquisition

Dennis Ryan Storoshenko (Calgary)

Person-neutral ownself in two varieties of Asian English

11:45 12:15

Adriana Soto-Corominas (Western)

Asymmetrical acquisition of non-personal Catalan clitics: Dominance effects

Sara Williamson & Chung-hye Han (Simon Fraser)

Might should we consider this?: Double modal inversion in Southern United States English

12:15 1:30

dîner | lunch

Syntaxe | Syntax

Phonétique etc. | Phonetics etc.

1:30 2:00

Will Oxford (Manitoba)

What’s the inverse of an inverse? Transitive constructions in Algonquian and Austronesian

Sawsan Alwabari (Ottawa)

Palatals incompatibility with tongue root retraction: Ultrasound and acoustic evidence

2:00 2:30

Elizabeth Ritter & Martina Wiltschko (Calgary and UBC)

Distinguishing speech act roles from grammatical person features

Albandary Aldossari & Yasaman Rafat (Western)

Geminate stops production: A comparison of Japanese-speaking and English-speaking learners of Standard Arabic

2:30 3:00

Gretchen McCulloch & Jeffrey Lamontagne (Lingthusiasm & McGill)

Une longueur d’avance : Orthographic lengthening and phonological variation on Twitter